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As your trusted community news source, Fox 11 is concerned with the amount of fatalities happening on Northern Nevada's roads. We have partnered with the Zero Fatalities program to reduce the number of fatalities & accidents on Nevada's roadways.

DRV SAFE Pledge and Ideas - Click Here for Official Rules

Share your story on what you've done to DRV SAFE.
Or tell us how you plan to DRV SAFE in the future.


Watch these vignettes from community leaders on the importance of driving, walking, drinking and riding safely.

  •  Sgt. Brian Adamson on Traffic Safety
  •  Happy 4th from Baldini's and New West Distributing
  •  Officer Dustin Butler on Distracted Driving
  •  New West Distributing on Responsible Drinking
  •  Ryan Dolan on Sharing the Road, Sharing the Responsibility
  •  Sgt. Mike Cullen on Motorcycle Safety
  •  Dick Campaigni on Keeping Roads Safe for Generations
  •  Crosswalk Safety
  •  Street Poll: Do You Walk Safe?
  •  Safe on Red: Effective Oct. 1, 2013
  •  Vehicle Safety Features from Your Northern Nevada Toyota Dealers
  •  Sgt. Robinson & Dep. Avila on 'Click It or Ticket'
  •  Man on the Street: how many traffic deaths in NV in 2013?
  •  Use it or Lose it
  •  Stop on Red
  •  Angela Ayers on Designated Driving
  •  Alan Bruce on Buckling Up
  •  Don Marchand on Zero Fatalities
  •  Drunk Driving is for Dummies
  •  Jay Slater on Staying Focused Behind the Wheel
  •  Jim McClain reminds you to TXT L8R
  •  Max Volume on Changing the World By Changing Yourself
  •  Testimonial: Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving
  •  UNR Poll: Do You DRV SAFE?