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Nevada students participate in confidential survey

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 09:13 PM PST
Nevada students participate in confidential survey story image
RENO, Nev. -- When it comes to risky behaviors like sex and drugs, high school students are "telling it the way they see it" in a confidential survey.

A state-wide report that comes out every other year was just released. It is called the Nevada Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Professionals recognize the name, but if you are a parent, this survey is something you will to know. It sheds some very important information on what teenagers are up to these days.

The survey is an hour long and it is confidential. It asks high school students a wide range of topics that shed light on what would be risky or dangerous behaviors.

Here is a sample of the revealing numbers from Nevada's high school students:
  • 43% say they have engaged in sex at least once, and 28% say they are currently sexually active
  • 56% used a condom during their last intercourse, and only 22% used another form of birth control
  • 66% say they have drank alcohol at least once, while 33% currently drink alcohol
  • 36% say they text while driving
The survey deals with serious topics, including depression and suicide. 32% of students said they were depressed. Health professionals say these numbers have remained consistent over the years. They say the key is for parents to talk with their kids and get them help.

This information is used by professionals to stop risky behaviors, because those behaviors can be life-altering and potentially deadly. To see the full report, head to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health's website.Nevada students participate in confidential survey
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