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Peppermill faces million dollar fine

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 11:30 AM PST
Peppermill faces million dollar fine story image

RENO - The Peppermill is facing a million dollar fine because an employee was caught last July using a reset key in slot machines at the Grand Sierra Resort.
These keys, known as“23-41 keys,” can’t access the gaming device to help a gamer cheat, but can reset slot machines which give a user access to private information.
“Among those slivers of information are things like: when the machine last paid out, a jackpot, certain voucher information, and the version of the software the gaming device is running,” said A.G. Burnett, Chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. “The Peppermill could have used that information to change the looseness of its own slot machines as a way to gain competitive advantage… We don’t have any evidence to indicate that they actually did that… [but] we still consider obtaining that information in the way that they did to be a breach of our regulations,” Burnett said.
According to these records, Ryan Tors, the Peppermill employee, used the key in at least 10 other casinos since 2011. According to authorities, the Peppermill encouraged Tors to visit competitors' casinos and use the key.
The proposed settlement between the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Peppermill is awaiting final approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission and a hearing has been scheduled.

Peppermill faces million dollar fine
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