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Wind storm leaves backyards torn apart

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 04:41 PM PST
Wind storm leaves backyards torn apart  story image
RENO - Extreme wind gusts left many Reno backyards needing repairs. 

The West Reno hilltop community overlooking downtown and McQueen High School may be accustomed to wind, but not this level of destruction.

Lewis French, hilltop community homeowner, installed a home weather station on his fence when he moved into the neighborhood three years ago. This past weekend, French recorded wind gusts up to 50mph, but with his system sitting low, he surmised actual numbers could have potentially reached 80mph.

“The top of the fence was swinging at least 18, 24 inches, it was pretty spectacular,” French said.

Although French’s home and backyard were not harmed, other areas of the community sustained numerous damages. Neighbor Larry Moore returned to his home Saturday evening to find his shared fence blown over, hammock crushed and twenty foot tall tree lying sideways.

“I’m from Florida and we had hurricanes there and I’ve seen some damage but never expected it here, I mean I kind of moved to the mountains to get away from all that stuff,” Moore said.

Moore is looking into his home owner’s insurance for repairs, and hopes to have a back yard again by the end of the week.

“I’m sure home depot is running out of lumber right now with all the fences down in the neighborhood,” he said.
Wind storm leaves backyards torn apart
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