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Wolf Pack freshman recovering from brain infection

Updated: Monday, March 31 2014, 09:57 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. -- Nevada football player Tucker Melcher was taken to the hospital on March 22, after a sinus infection turned into a brain infection. He was initially placed on a ventilator after an MRI showed swelling in his brain.

On Monday, Melcher is slowly recovering and is expected to make a full recovery. But his condition has taken an emotional toll on the team, and his family.
It's been an uphill battle for the 19-year-old. Tucker's dad, Bubba melcher, said his son's ventilator and several tubes have been removed and that Tucker has movement back on his left side. But he says his son still has a long road ahead of him.

"You go to the hospital in pretty tremendous shape, getting ready for spring football, and you wake up a few days later and the left side of your body paralyzed was pretty traumatic," said Bubba Melcher.

Nevada Freshman Tucker Melcher was taken to the hospital after getting sick during spring break. Bubba said his son got a sinus infection that went haywire. "It started a few weeks ago basically and you kind of fight through it, you know, got a little something in his lungs, got some antibiotics, which we found out later didn't work."

Bubba said his son is getting better every day, getting to eat his favorite food In N Out Burger, and even walking by himself. "Yesterday was 60 feet down and back, and today was 120 and you know, if we can keep double up like that on a day to day basis, he'll be back maybe sooner than we think."

Tucker is expected to fully recover. He is no longer in intensive care, but won't be leaving the hospital anytime soon.

"He's going to have to be part of a rehab center, an inpatient rehab center for probably next two or three weeks," said Bubba.
Bubba said the community support is amazing and helps his son. "It's been pretty awesome, you know you can go to bed at night and feel blessed."

The Melcher family has been blown away by the support from our community. Bubba also says several visits from Coach Polian and the Nevada football team puts one of the biggest smiles on Tucker's face.Wolf Pack freshman recovering from brain infection
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