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Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias
October 21, 2014 23:54 GMT

(Eds: Proceedings have ended for the day.)

PHOENIX (AP) -- The prosecutor in the sentencing retrial for convicted murderer Jodi Arias showed jurors a crime scene photo of victim Travis Alexander showing his slit throat.

In a Phoenix courtroom Tuesday, prosecutor Juan Martinez urged the jury in his opening statement to sentence Arias to death.

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi said Arias was the victim of profound sexual humiliation by Alexander, and that she is mentally ill and a victim of child abuse. He urged jurors to spare her life.

Arias has acknowledged killing Alexander but claims it was self-defense. Prosecutors say it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage.

Arias, sporting shoulder-length hair and wearing a beige blouse, often looked at the jury while her lawyer laid out his case. She looked away as the prosecutor spoke.

A previous jury could not agree on her sentence.