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Staying safe from wildland fires during dry conditions

Updated: Tuesday, July 8 2014, 12:10 PM PDT
Staying safe from wildland fires during dry conditions story image
RENO, Nev. -- Although our region's best chance of precipitation is right before us, fire danger is still a very present reality.

Lightning is the number one cause of all wildland fires in the western region, and the Reno Fire Department wants to remind residents that several parts of our community are close to the Wildland Urban Interface -- essentially, where our front doors meet the great outdoors -- and are therefore at greater risk if a fire sparks.
Some communities at risk are Sommersett, north Reno, and parts of Caughlin Ranch in west Reno.

If you live in a Wildland Urban Interface -- or an area with high, dry growth -- Reno Fire asks you to create defensible space between your property, structures, and the wildland interface -- typically, this is about 30 feet of distance.

The Reno Fire Department also says they are still having issues with people setting off fireworks -- which is illegal and very dangerous with the extremely dry conditions. Also, they want to remind residents that exploding targets are dangerous and can spark a fire.Staying safe from wildland fires during dry conditions
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