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China's heat wave brings 'dead' man back to life

Updated: Tuesday, August 6 2013, 02:20 PM PDT

Ian Mader - Associated Press

BEIJING -- Having the dead guy jump up for a drink probably wasn't part of the script.

staged protest claiming that city officials had beaten a sidewalk
vendor to death in central China went awry when the man playing dead
under a white sheet was overcome by the region's heat wave and sprang up
to quaff a bottle of water, state media reported Monday.

"It's too hot. I can't bear it anymore," the man was quoted as saying by state-run Xinhua News Agency.

than 10 men had gathered Saturday with a gurney that purportedly
carried the vendor's body, covered by a sheet, in the Hubei provincial
capital Wuhan. They were demanding tens of thousands of yuan (thousands
of dollars) in compensation for the alleged death, Xinhua said.

The incident drew 300 onlookers and about 80 police officers.

was not immediately clear how the group intended to press their claims
without submitting the body for an investigation and autopsy. In any
case, the game was up when the man — as Xinhua reported — jumped up
after two hours under the sheet.

The man on the gurney was
identified only by his surname Han, and he has been detained for
disturbing social order, said a district administration official in
Wuhan contacted by telephone. She refused to give her name.

told the police that urban management workers — known as "chengguan" —
clashed with the group of vendors earlier Saturday after telling them
that their drinks stands were blocking traffic, Xinhua said.

members of China's public have long resented the heavy-handed tactics of
the country's chengguan. Though they have no legal authority to use
force, they are often accused of beating people who commit minor
infractions in shows of power that have fueled social tension, triggered
riots and aggravated public discontent against the government.

China's heat wave brings 'dead' man back to life
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