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Knitters cover Pittsburgh's Warhol Bridge in yarn

Updated: Monday, August 12 2013, 10:41 AM PDT
Knitters cover Pittsburgh

Kevin Begos - Associated Press

PITTSBURGH -- More than 1,800 knitters have covered Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Bridge in 3,000 feet of colorful yarn.

worked all weekend to attach 580 blanket-size, hand-knitted panels to
the pedestrian walkways on the downtown bridge, and riggers attached
larger panels to the towers.

The planning and permitting started about 18 months ago, said Amanda Gross, 29, who had the idea for the project.

county doesn't have public arts policy. It was a big learning process
for everybody," said Gross, who moved from Atlanta to Pittsburgh about
five years ago and soon noticed how crucial bridges are in a city that
has three major rivers running through it.

The project was
organized by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh and other local
institutions. Gross said knitters from more than 80 Pittsburgh
neighborhoods and 120 area townships signed up to help with what the
guild calls the nation's largest "yarn bomb." The term applies to
artists who knit coverings for everyday objects like lampposts, street
signs and trees.

Gross said yarn bombing is "really inspirational," and a good way to bring communities together.

Roberts, 60, a past president of the guild, said the project started as
a "little nugget" of an idea and then "went to town from there."

group ultimately had to work not just with designers but with lawyers,
architects, structural engineers and riggers to make the yarn bomb a
reality. Roberts said the group decided that the panels would contain
only colors and designs — no words or political or religious symbols.

Gross said the group even wound up specifying acrylic yarn, since wool absorbs water, is flammable and can be a home to pests.

structural engineer calculated the weight of the yarn, and also when
it's wet," Gross said. "It was insignificant compared to traffic."

A community arts and crafts party will be held at the bridge on Aug. 25. The bridge will be covered in the yarn until Sept. 6.

Knitters cover Pittsburgh's Warhol Bridge in yarn
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